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Surface to match your potential

From youth sports to the heights of the professional elite, our rubber surfacing is a unique surface that will unlock your athletic potential, day after day, year after year. Make no mistake, this is not your rolled out black rubber floor mat that you buy online. Our specialized industrial resin mixed with 100% EDPM rubber creates a far superior flooring without the lingering smell of tires. 

Designed to withstand high impact training including CrossFit, HIIT and Olympic lifting, our specialized gym flooring can help you increase speed, power and agility on a surface that provides optimal traction and stability. It is also comfortable, clean and noise canceling which is ideal for Pilates and Yoga studios. Simply put, its a seamless system throughout your gym, customized to your lifestyle.


    • A 31% force reduction offers an impact absorption minimizing joint strain


    • Giving back an energy return rate of 65%, providing maximal peak performance within any given dynamic movement.


    • Optimal surface traction is a non-negotiable when it comes to both athletic performance and safety.


    • Withstands the most extreme training environments. Made to endure weights, tires, chains, and other training regimens.

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